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The story behind the story...

Rocket Megabyte was just your average robot dog until Emily, a student at Rocketville Elementary, dreamed up a way to make learning about Texas more fun and exciting. Bored by listening to Mr. Snoozemeister in school, she created a computer program that would allow Rocket to travel Texas on his own and record his experiences on his internal hard drive.

Things, however, did not go according to plan. Before Rocket was fully programmed, Emily's Uncle Chris "let the dog out." Now he has to chase Rocket around Texas and try to bring him back home.

Rocket Megabyte's Texas Adventure captures their Lone Star trek as they travel to many important cities, landmarks, and historical places unique to Texas. The book is designed to spark an interest in our great state through the use of cartoon characters, photographs, and one very special robotic dog.

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