Our programs are more than just a visiting author reading his or her book.
Our unique presentations are designed to invite student participation and are
tailored to specific audiences.
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Storytelling through Illustration

Grades: PK-2

A mini writing

Grades: 2-4
3-2-1 BLAST-OFF!™

A fun Texas
history Lesson

Grades: 3-5

Up Close and
Personal with
the Author

Grades: 4-12
An improvisational
workshop that
uses art
as the catalyst for storytelling.
An interactive writing workshop that opens the window to the writing process.
A gameshow that sets
a new standard for
teaching Texas history.
An informative presentation and group discussion on writing, illustrating, & publishing.
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The Picture Window™ (Grades PK-2)

The Picture Window is very similar to The Story Window program (see below). It differs, however, in that it demonstrates how a picture or illustration, rather than words, can represent an entire story. The performance is ideal for the Pre-K through first grade audience whose writing abilities may not be quite as developed as their drawing skills.

Chris “Uncle Chris” Espinosa has the remarkable ability to capture and retain the attention of any audience, even one comprised of your youngest students. The program begins with the children suggesting the type and subject matter of a story they would like to create. After drawing a simple picture, Chris uses improvisational techniques to tap into the youngster’s imaginations and produce an original tale. As the story develops, so does the picture. For added enjoyment, “Uncle Chris” will tell their story in his animated and enthusiastic fashion as it is conceived. By the end of the program, the students are able to see the illustration that depicts their creation.

Through the excitement and energy of storytelling and art, this presentation inspires your younger students to create their own stories and share them with others through their drawings.

Program Length: Approximately 30 minutes
Audience Size: Less than 125

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The Story Window™ (Grades 2-4)

Chris “Uncle Chris” Espinosa will mesmerize your students as he guides them through this eventful half-hour of creativity.

The Story Window introduces the five senses as one way to approach the writing process. Beginning with a story prompt and their own imaginations, the children create an original story during this presentation. Although we can’t promise a Pulitzer Prize winner, it will be an interesting tale nonetheless . . . one they will want to share with others. By the end of the program, the students will be able to look through The Story Window and SEE the story they conceived. Chris encourages the students to take ownership of the story by using one or more of the other senses to add to it after the presentation.

This interactive performance makes writing a fun experience, which might be all that is needed to inspire a love writing in a child. In fact, many teachers have been so impressed by Chris’ presentations that they have adopted his writing strategy as a means of instruction in their own classrooms!

Program Length: Approximately 30 minutes
Audience Size: Less than 125

3-2-1 Blast-Off!™ (Grades 3-5)

3-2-1 Blast-Off is an interactive Texas history lesson based on the book, Rocket Megabyte’s Texas Adventure, culminating in a fun and exciting gameshow.

Initially, your students will accompany Chris “Uncle Chris” Espinosa and his mechanized mutt, Rocket, on their Texas adventure via a 30-minute visual presentation. It’s a fast-paced journey, but the children are able to experience many of the places and landmarks that are unique to the Lone Star State along the way. Then it’s time for the gameshow! The audience is divided into two teams and contestants are selected to answer factual question about Texas. There are no prizes . . . just points, but the youngsters love the competitive nature of the game. The greatest benefit of this program is that the students are learning about Texas while having fun at the same time!

This entertaining program not only reinforces educational material presented during the session, but also that in the classroom. As one teacher commented:

“Author Chris Espinosa accomplishes in 30 minutes what I have been trying to do in the classroom for the past 28 years!”
--Ms. Mann, 4th grade teacher, Woolls Intermediate, Hondo, TX

Program Length: Approximately 45 minutes
Audience Size: May be up to 300

Write On!™ (Grades 4-12)

Write On! (or You’ve Written Your Story, Now What?) is an informative presentation and group discussion about writing, illustrating, and publishing. It also offers your students the rare opportunity to meet, and hopefully make a special connection with, author/illustrator Chris “Uncle Chris” Espinosa.

In a career that began as a graphic artist for a truck company and included a stint “handling” a live animal while working for a publisher, Chris recounts the rather circuitous route he took in becoming a published author. During the program, he emphasizes the importance of reading and writing. In addition, Chris discusses each step of the publishing process, including rewriting and illustrating. Time is reserved at the end of the presentation to allow for questions from the audience.

In sharing his personal experiences, Chris delivers the message that anything is possible if you pursue your dreams. It is also his goal to spark a new appreciation for writing in those who do not currently possess one and inspire those that do.

Program Length: Approximately 45 minutes
Audience Size: May be up to 300

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