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The Rocket Booster Program(TM)
You can earn money for your school's library!

All we ask is that you perform a few, simple activities in advance of our visit to get your students excited about the presentation. These include:

  • Showing a ten-minute video (when available) in Library class or via closed circuit TV
  • Sharing the book with students through storytime or by placing on display in the Library
  • Posting flyers around the school building announcing the program
  • Copying and distributing book order forms
  • Encouraging students to visit our website to download activities, view sample pages from the book, and/or email Rocket

In addition to the above, lesson plans based on the book, can be easily developed in the subject areas of art, language, Texas History, and social studies. Ideas utilized by other Texas schools will be provided as they become available.

To thank you for a successful visit, your school, library, PTA, or designated charity will receive:
$100 for 100 student book orders
PLUS $1 for each additional book sold